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I find I get a lot of flack for the type of poly I practice.
I can't figure out why it gets under people's skin that I don't desire a giant family style relationship group.
From WHO? And how do you know it bugs them?

Could not ask "why" -- could just accept that it DOES get under their skin and move on to assess if this affects you or not and how.

If it doesn't really affect you? And it's mostly their bag? Could leave them to own their disappointment then. "I'm sorry you are disappointed this is not your prefered model. I am not willing to participate in "family" style polyship model. I am willing to participate in "spoke/hub" style. " Then let it go. They can determine their own willingness to continue to participate or not. So could you.

If this IS affecting you because of who it is or how they express this to you -- I can't give any suggestions. There's not enough data. Could you be willing to clarify?


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