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Default Difficulty in an OLD dynamic

My thanks to all of you for your help, encouragement and advise for LR/ Maca/ I.

I know I've been a spectre in this forum and because of that, I leave many wondering. My apologies. I haven't for a few different reasons. None of them are purposeful tho, IMHO.

I would like to say a few things on the veried topics from this thread. Maybe it will help clearify a few things:

What I allowed in the past with my friends was wrong. I've admitted that to LR and asked for her forgiveness. I've admitted that to Maca, and asked his forgiveness. I've admitted that to my friends, and asked their forgiveness, and probably will again.

I've stated my views and made my stance with my friends regarding my priorities. I've made it quite clear where my loyality lies, and what my intentions are should a situation arise that conflicts with those priorities.

The only thing left for me to do is to show with my actions my sincerity and honesty and guall.

I have 2 best friends. 1 is LR who has been in my life for 17 years next month. The other... we'll call him Getsueh. I've been friends with him for 14 years. He is from the group of friends that didn't like LR.
Years later, they are still my best firends. The others.... are not hardly friends at all. It's true what LR said about them not keeping in touch, or calling or visiting. I've always been the one to do that with them.

I'm hopeing for a renewal of friendship, now that time has passed and experiences have happened. I'm hoping for an understanding....

sorry I have to cut this short... duty calls. More later~
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