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On the drive home from the tournament, M messaged C3. He said something like, are you open to polyamory? Bluebird is interested in you, but has fear of rejection. Honestly, I wanted to strangle him! We had been talking about C3, and yeah, I said I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if C3 would be pro-poly or not. Fuck dude!

Anyway, C3 responded that he wasn't poly but would be into me if I were single and that he thought I was awesome, etc. So I told M he was a dork for sending the message, and that I would respond myself later. So I did - because in my mind, the message that M sent was really vague, and I had a feeling it would be interpreted as if M was asking him to swing with us.

So, I messaged him myself (he had added me as a Facebook friend during the tournament) and explained that I wanted to clarify what M had said and then I explained how I was interested in polyfi, etc. we had a good dialogue and he does want to go out sometime. Crazy M being vague!

This still sucks though, because I just dropped my husband off at BWI airport and now I am up in C3's neck of the woods. If he wants to get together today, I kinda need to know before I drive back home an hour and 20 minutes. Ugh. I am chilling at a Starbucks, waiting to see what our plans are. Ugh. I so do not really want an even longer distance relationship! However, he might be able to see me more - I am driving up once a weekish to the game store, and if he were willin to drive my way once a week, that would fill my dance card. I guess only time will tell.

It is really funny because ever since I have been hanging out at the game store, I have heard C3 mentioned - by many people. All of it was positive, and all of it was "you've got to meet him, he's great - he's the nicest guy here!" M has always championed him, but C has as well. Anyway, that was certainly my first impression of him yesterday. I liked him instantly. Not like NRE, but wow, I could really get into hanging out with this guy. I think it would be super easy to fall into those NRE feelings with him too.

But should I? I guess that will rely on him and how our conversations go.

Holy hell I am tired - got home at midnight last night, slept til 2:30, up til 3:30, slept til 4:45 and then got ready to go to the airport. I got me a skinny chai latte at Starbuvks and now I am just waiting for it to do some magic.
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