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Default Family Style vs Spoke/Hub (?)

I find I get a lot of flack for the type of poly I practice. I don't tend toward "family style" or attempting to blend my family with my or my husband's loves and I don't desire that type of relationship. I tend to be a with hub multiple individual lines/spokes coming out from me to others. Those others have their own arrangements. Why do I get so much crap for this? (I've tried to figure it out on my own but I'm interested in the reactions of others).

I will say, I am married and we do have a child. My husband has a girlfriend and I would consider him a spoke from me leading to his V arrangement with him as the hinge there. But I have other spokes. Most of my relationships are non-sexual. Maybe it's because people think I have "just friends"? I can't figure out why it gets under people's skin that I don't desire a giant family style relationship group.
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