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Default Stop and Go...

So we stopped for a night and day,...BB and I Got to spend a bit of time cuddling, ...making love 2 times within a few hours, passing out, more cuddling, then out to breakfast,...hanging out. Off again we go, from coast to coast this time,...back through the dangerous winds, but we are loaded heavy this time,...very heavy. People's online orders and little kids Christmas wishes,...floor to ceiling, nose to toe, catalog orders to the other end of the country they go. A day and night of driving, then its her turn,...down the roa,....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,......... .BAAMMM!!!!!..........., ,,,,,,,,,,,///////We screech to a halt on the side of the road,... She hit a deer head on... Poor thing, it had no chance against us. The front of our beautiful truck is now shattered, bumper twisted. I had to cut away most of the bumper just to get us movable again. The hood is now shattered and split, and cracked down the side, wire and zippies holding it together. We are slowly loosing coolant now too....Drip,.....Drip...very slowly tho, will get us to our delivery.

Well, more than ever,...we need to go home. At home, I can repair the truck and replace the hood and bumper. The damage is a lot, but not unmanageable. It will likely take a couple weeks, so perhaps an early thanksgiving is in order while we prepare our home on wheels for its next adventure with BB and her son this time. BB has already mentioned perhaps a mesquite smoked turkey, so juicy and delicious, filled with peppers and onions and pineapples too. I cannot help but think that the deer she hit, costly as it will be, gave its life so that we can spend extra time together,..poor thing.
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