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Sometimes as a Dominant-there are things that you really don't care about. But it's still important to accept (as the submissive) that it's still their RIGHT to specify-if they so desire.
If he doesn't desire, that's okie dokie. But- good for you to keep in mind, that it is HIS preference as the Dom, not yours.

THAT SAID-and I say it with ALL due respect;
the bottom line is that NONE of us have a say so in your D/s relationship.
One of my big pet peeves as a Mistress, is other people suggesting to my slave how he "should" or "should not" do this that or the other thing. It's not their place.

(not to be confused with the post above-it wasn't saying how you should or shouldn't-it was just expressing an observed apparent contradiction)

So be aware, if you are naturally submissive especially, of people who may try to tell you how to submit. Because it's not their place.
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