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Originally Posted by RiverDwellers View Post
Thanks Ali! I would like to chat sometime with you and pick your brain. My husband and I have talked about what we would like in a partner. We are open to a lot of things, but first and foremost, we understand that our love, our partnership comes first. This is what makes us happy. But we do talk about adding a third to our group that not only would add a new sexual element to our life, but someone we enjoy as a person as well. Someone we could hang out with, go camping, that sort of thing. So my husband suggested I learn more about this lifestyle (which of course, was a excellent suggestion) and so I am here. So many questions. I've been reading through some of the lifestyle section and find it interesting the dynamics of these arrangements.
First off I will warn you will most likely get "flak" (as another stated just recently to another couple who is looking for a third) on seeking what is termed a "unicorn". Do some searches here on that. Also there is a great article on that but I can't find it and didn't save it.

This website I do enjoy

When I first came onto this site, hub and I wanted a third. Within a few hours of reading I changed my mind and felt that individually we should look for another rather than as a couple. I mean in the ideal world, yeah that would be awesome, but I tend to like men more than women and he, women more than men. Now he has his hands full and I, well I still have not made that connection. I figure when the right person is available for me, it'll happen when it happens. No point in rushing and getting disappointed.

I don't always have my yahoo on but you can pm me here to chat.
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