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Default Where to begin...

Hello. I'm (we) new & I don't want to come on here and act like the newbie but I can't help it as I (we) are. This is K (the wife) and I'm not sure that the hubbie will post much here or not; had to get that part out of the way.

So, last week (told you it was new) I had the discussion with my husband that I believe I am bi-sexual. Something has been stirring inside me for awhile now (years) and only recently (like 6 months) have I realized what it was. I have a fondness of other women; you know, the way they smell, look, get it I'm sure.

Anyway, we have tried swinging and even though it was fun, it didn't work for us as we thought it was more just sex without the feelings behind it. We've talked about poly before but never went any further than a conversation. So last week we talked about it and decided we'd like to be poly.

Question: Can you just "BE" poly? Where do we start? We'd like to meet another female to add to our already loving and great marriage of 13 years and possibly another male sometime down the line. We've talked about many different scenarios...

Can someone enlighten me? I have been reading a lot on here and honestly I'm not sure where to go next and what to and not to read.
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