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Default Which do you prefer ? An immediate connection, or a slow build-up ?

This is just a question born out of fun curiosity !

Which type of attraction do you prefer when you meet someone new ? Do you enjoy, (and possibly only follow) if there is a instant, passionate connection, or do you prefer to go slow, and have the feelings build up ?

(Of course, this isn`t to say, that a instant connection, does not build up.)

More like, the ' Intense eyes locking across the room ',
' The pleasant surprises and feelings that come along the more you speak and are around someone.'

I was thinking about myself, and any of the long-lasting, endearing, relationships I have ever had with women, always started out with that immediate connection.

Where as, the relationships I had with men that I cherished, have come from the slow, build-up model.

None of it was intentional, but it now has me curious about others.

Share any stories you would like !
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