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well my poly activity appears to have come to a standstill. again another cancelled meeting. not sure what's up cuz i try to make sure the person is very aware of what i am looking for. i have met some long distance who would like a relationship with me but honestly, i have not the energy for that and there are no boyfriend's past as when they ended there was a reason for it.

but again, a possible guy i was talking with through the summer is still interested. so i will see where this goes. he's young, cute and willing to come pick me up or meet me. that's a good sign, so far.

onto the thyroid tumor:
My surgery is Dec 5th. There are some risks involved. I had two options for my surgery. One was for the surgeon to completely remove my thyroid, not just the nodule that is suspicious for cancer. The upside: if it is cancer it will all be taken out and removed. The downside: I will have to take medicine the rest of my life and due to the nerves of my vocal chords being right there, risk losing my voice for the rest of my life.

The second is: while under they cut out a part of the tumorous nodule, send it to the lab for testing, wait for the pre-lims: If it is cancerous on initial testing, we are at option one no matter what. If it appears non-cancerous, they'll continue to remove this nodule, treat inside with radioactive iodine, seal me up. Then about 5 days later the lab will have their final answer: cancer or not. If it is cancer, I go back in to have the thyroid completely removed.

Wish it was more straight forward, that would make the end result more of a known. Alas it isn't. They called and left a message yesterday that I need to start an iodine free (or low iodine) diet. So grocery shopping last night was interesting. I found a cookbook from the thyroid cancer survivors assoc and will be reading through that today. I am so not looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner now....I probably will have to make my own separate meal. Oh well...I'll figure out from the cookbook what I can and cannot eat and hopefully I can get my mil to not use too many iodine based ingredients or spices.
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