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Most polyamorous people in couples do not dates as a unit, did you know that? Finding a "third" to "share" or "add" hardly ever works out. You 2 have a longstanding relationship. This hypothetical woman would have a big learning curve. You two already have couple privileges in place. History. House. Kids. In-laws, nieces, nephews, etc.

Would she be allowed to date and have sex with each of you separately or only 3somes? Or is one on one bonding time allowed?

Some couples don't even want their third to text or email one of the partners individually.

Would your woman be able to express affection in public with either of you? Would she be able to go to family events, or work parties? Be introduced as your girlfriend?

What if she also has a partner already in place, or another couple? Could you share her with them the way she has to share you with your partner? Or is she expected to be single and then immediately fidelitous?

Can she be a mother? Can she have her own kids, or get pregnant by the man of your unit?

And it goes on... Again, being poly does not mean being a couple that shares one woman.

By the way, it is against our user guidelines for a couple to share an account. The least that is expected is for the poster to identify themselves when posting. Is one of you Mistic and the other Bleu?
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