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Thanks for all of your replies so far. I think it will help me put things into perspective.

To clarify a couple of things, I had absolutely no heads up that I would be "meeting" anyone that night. But, she didn't think that I was bothered by it until the next day when I told her how it made me feel (I tried pretty hard to not visibly react).

Also, I am generally not the kind of person that is going to try to change somebody's belief system or ideals so that is not at issue.

But, I am looking for a long-term relationship. Someone that I could take home for Christmas or to meet mom, so to speak. That being said, my ideals don't require (or prefer) a traditional family or marriage.

It would seem that I should continue pondering. I told her that I didn't know if I could do it. She wants to meet up and talk about things in a few days.
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