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Originally Posted by jphillmore View Post

I didn't really think about it much until I went to meet her with a group of her friends a couple of days ago. Some guy came in, gave her a big kiss, and she sat on his lap. It felt like someone dropped a 150lb weight on my chest, then kicked me in the stomach a few times.
Thunkybunny said:
That's a reckless way to introduce other significant others. If she cared about you at all, she might have been more thoughtful in introducing her significant others to each other. The way your introduction went, as you described it, you had NO CHOICE in the meeting.
I'd just like to point out that it's very unclear here whether the "other guy" in question is indeed a "significant other". In my social group, it would not be unusual at all for that kind of behavior to be engaged in by two friends who were not necessarily involved with each other romantically or sexually-- I plunk myself down in friends' lap and plant kisses on them all the time, "just because" .

It may be that the norms of the social group in question tend more towards freely expressed physical affection. I know that if I was bringing a new person into my social group I would not necessarily have "remembered" that they would not be familiar with the norms and might be uncomfortable or draw conclusions that would be inaccurate about what was going on. The OP's friend maybe "should" have warned him, but I wouldn't fault her too much for not having done so.
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