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Today M and I are at a WarMachine Steamroller Tournament. There are an odd number of people, and the computer has chosen me to sit out the second round. I suppose I can't complain because otherwise I wouldn't have any points - I lost the first round. Oh well.

My husband got a call last night and his boss will be staying 2 weeks in CA now. The odds are good that he will be asked to stay a second week as well, but so far he hasn't. I am going to just cry. M told me today he can see me Wednesday and Thursday morning this week. Really? Fucking really? That is the same as every other week! I feel so abandoned and a little angry, too. Yes, hurt. I feel like I am not important, not at all. He says this isn't the case, and he has other things going on, his wife won't let him spend the night, etc.

So, yeah.

C is here and he is flirting again. Enough with the mixed signals dude! He told
Me I could come over and he'd take care of me this week - I would just have to come over! Ha! Wish it was that easy. Wish he wasn't joking. Wish my libido was just fucking normal. Wish I wasn't so destroyed by being alone and feeling alone.

I was introduced to a cute, fun guy today actually. M has been telling me about how awesome this dude is since we started dating. His name is C, so I will call him C3, lol. He has a wiener dog. Win! He is one of those people everyone instantly likes, and I was instantly attracted to him. Bonus that M knows, likes and already approves of him. They aren't close friends, just acquaintances. Still, LDR. Not lookin for that. Sucks.
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