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Still feeling fragile...
Got an A- in class, so that was ok. I am very glad there is only one before I skip December.

The fun event is next week not this, I still haven't printed the tickets out. This is good, I was going to wear a costume but ran out of time and energy to get it together. So the extra week let me order some things from ebay.
Prof cancelled Wednesday, I was quite relieved, it gave me time to catch up on life. Once the house was sorted then I felt I could focus on school work.

I find it hard to function in a mess, I find order and cleanliness to be calming. This does not however extend to my closets or files. I like clean and clear surfaces. If i can shut a closet door on it so much the better

I saw Kip again on Wednesday, fun sex and lunch, it was great. I am taking it as trying to be kind to me time.

I had the POF date last night, we meet at 8:30, had a drink played pool and then a little after 10 my body decided it was time to go home and go to bed. He then texted, had a fun night etc, and he was at a local live music place, wished I was there with him. He didn't actually mention it when we were together and even then I would have declined and gone home. So then he asked why I was going to bed at 11 on a Friday night. I replied single working mum, tired and have things to do. "Why was I tired if I didn't have the kids?".
He asked that twice. I didn't respond the second time and went to sleep.

This is such a big thing for me. I posted before about telling Prof I can't do 2 late nights a week. I am a big sleeper. 8 hours is really the minimum and it is rarely uninterrupted. I think non-parents can't quite grasp the fact being woken up 4 times a night by little kids means 8 hours can feel like 2. and do that night after night....when I do get a chance to sleep alone and uninterrupted it is a gift. I didn't feel like I should have to explain that to someone I only met once. Single working mum, tired and have things to do should suffice. Sensitive ME?????yes.
So he texted a few minutes ago.. I think I should give it a go, I am aware that I am taking things quite personally and feeling defensive.
We didn't discuss relationships and what we are looking for, which was nice. I am going with non-exclusive. I don't feel like sharing much else. I am open to being mono at some point, maybe...
I am going out for dinner with my best friend tonight, we rarely get to spend time together without the kids and she works Saturday, so Sunday tends to be family time. Her hubby and kid are out of town for the weekend so the mummies get to play!
Prof is alone and in town this Sunday, which is rare. He was supposed to be flying out on Sunday but that is cancelled, so we might get to spend some day time together. I don't think we have done that before.
But before the fun starts... I have to get back to floors, beds, laundry, banks, studying
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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