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I feel I should post here first but I'm not great at these things when first typing them so I will likely edit later!

I've been polyamorous in an emotional sense since before I can remember. That was difficult. I've been polysexual since I was sexually active. (I don't always separate those two things but sometimes it's useful).

I'm in a very long term marriage. We used to date together years ago, then closed the relationship (though I always stayed emotionally open). For a period we were mono-poly, with him being the monogamous half. Now we are fully open again with me having the same more emotionally based relationships I've had for years and him experiencing everything as "new again", both of us with more knowledge.

I work and commute A Lot. I have a physical/mental issue that affects my energy levels and makes the work/commute a situation of working then recovering to work. I like movies, music, my loved ones, self sufficiency, old things, a bunch of other mundane things, and a bunch of off the wall stuff I would only reveal to close friends.

I'm here to process our "new" situation. It's been years I've been on a poly forum. I've tried to get out to local groups but it appears I can't commit enough time vs energy to get out.
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