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Do you need her to let you in and be more open about her intentions with you and feelings for you? I am not sure I would file that under needing validation. Sometimes it is nice to feel loved without someone having to say it. Have you told her that directly? It sounds like she is keeping you at a safe distance and protecting her heart or maybe marriage. Maybe she really is not sure where you fit in to her life and in what manner she wants you to be part of it. It has been six months. Things are still shaping up. Maybe she is afraid of what she feels for you. Has she been hurt in the past? If so, could she be guarded now and afraid to let someone in so to speak? If I were you, I would just tell her her actions are not matching what she is saying.

Honestly, I would lay off the heavy discussions, breathe, relax, and figure out what you need from her. If you need her to open up to you, find out why she is so closed off. Maybe she is sizing you up and making sure you are not going to hurt her. Maybe she is not in love with you, yet or her feelings are not as strong. Maybe she is not comfortable sharing her innermost thoughts. Maybe she is not in to you now. Who knows? There are so many things it could be, and she holds the answers to all the questions you have.

Edit: I just saw your comment. You have to maintain your health and well-being. Life is too short to not enjoy it. If ending it will make you feel better, do it. Only you can make that call. Who is to say that because now is not your season that it will not work out in the future? Sending hugs your way.
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