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Originally Posted by peabean View Post
It's only when a triad is spoken of that people come down with fire and brimstone.
I have nothing against triads. From what I hear, when they work, they're amazing to be in. My objection to the self-application of the label "unicorn" is not that they're looking for triads. If that's what floats your boat, then that's absolutely fantastic.

Originally Posted by NaturalUnicorn View Post
My apologies if my " misuse" of the sacred Unicorn term, offends you.
There are two ways to "reclaim" a label. One is blindly, without knowing what it commonly is understood to mean. The other is deliberately, with the conscious intention of re-writing the book.

For example, I know gay men who refer to themselves as "fags" because they want to take that word's power away from homophobes. I know disabled people who call themselves "crippled" so that others can't use it as an insult against them. Likewise, I myself love to use the word "cunt" as a way of saying "Fuck you" to misogynist pigs who use it derogatorily.

If it is your deliberate intention to reclaim the label "unicorn" as a way of saying "Fuck you, triad haters" then more power to you. But it was reasonably clear from your introduction that this was not your intent, that you were not aware of the common usage. Your justifications were of why you like to date couples, not why you chose that term to describe your preference for dating couples.

Labels for the sake of easy communication must conform to commonly understood definitions, since that conformity is precisely what makes the communication easy. I can't label myself as "a doctor" and then expect people to understand that I mean "I have a PhD in astrophysics."

Labels for the sake of personal identity can take absolutely any form you want, provided you explain your definition of the label. This is assuming that if you're taking the time to form a personal identity and then using labels to describe it to other people, it actually matters to you that they understand your personal identity the way you intend it and not the way they expect it.

By all means, if you want to personally claim the label "unicorn" as meaning "I date couples," then that's your privilege. But privilege comes with responsibility. In this case, it's the responsibility to make it clear to your readers that you are deliberately reclaiming the label, and not merely misunderstanding it.
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