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"His NORMAL reaction to ANY type of conflict with ANYONE is to give in to the request so that it stops, if that can't be done or doesn't work, then he will walk/run in the opposite direction in order to escape it."

Yah. That's my personality type exactly. I learned how to do confrontation when I have to, though.

Here's a metaphor for GG: You need to carry two playing cards in your pockets, the one-eyed jacks. The jack of hearts is the one you nearly always play. He's the one you identify with -- he stands for love, friendship, amity. The jack of hearts is always face up in your world.

But you always have the jack of spades available. There are times you will need his coldness, his cynicism, even his ability to hate with clarity and intent.

I had to teach myself to use the ability to confront even though I dislike doing it and feel badly afterward. When a group of engineers tried to make me do a week's programming to implement a badly-conceived control schema that no operator would ever use I spent hours on the phone and in person telling them, in veiled language, to go f**k a lamp-post. It was a difficult psychic effort but I won. And it feels damned good now.

IMHO, GG needs to learn this. He needs it for his own personal development as well as for this particular situation.

Maca, I continue to admire you. It sounds like you spoke with force but forbearance. I hope the cabal's promise to stop talking smack was genuine. I wouldn't be surprised if there's not some backsliding on their part. But I very much hope the outcome is good.
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