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The fact that we spend so much time together, both at our home, and out and about has made me think about this subject quite a lot. And it's a split decision.

For her family, mostly no possible way. Conservative and Christian, it would cause so many problems it would in no way shape or form be beneficial. The possible exception being her younger sister, who she is the closest with. Our younger sons, no possible way. Not now anyway. My older daughters from previous marriage would be more understanding, but still I have no desire to self disclose this. Not now anyway, but I hope to one day, when we're on stronger footing, and have a better understanding of our relationship.

But for some reason, I have a strong desire to share this with our friends, even knowing that it could cause some problems with some. I really want them to know, and haven't yet figured out why. Some know, some suspect, as they go out freely, and I've been encouraging of any natural PDA's, I want them to be free to be uninhibited so their time together is not compromised. Several of our friends have "called them" on it, and she won't deny she loves him.

Being new, it's a question that will be begging an answer in one form or another as we go forward.
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