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Originally Posted by Piroska View Post
So I guess the solution would be to simply not add his profile on my personal profiles then. So I guess that part is solved - he unfriended me.
I still have to read the rest of the thread...but, actually, this is the best answer on the "public" side of things until you have negotiated how you two can safely "link" to each other without negating your privacy concerns.

Luckily both of my boys are even more paranoid about internet security that I am (and I am the only one that has professional cause for concern). I have separate nom-de-plume's for each area of my life.

We each have OKC profiles that link to each other - that are separate from other usernames. We each have "fake" Facebook profiles (using different names) that are "friended" but we don't post personal info and limit our "friends" to people who already know us/know about us.

On the "private" side - i.e. his being upset about you finding his OKC profile - that just seems weird to me - but we are very open amongst the three of us - even if not to the outside world. I frequently Google all of us to see where any "leaks" may arise...

ETA: on the other hand - I DID ask them not to read my blog here until I was ready (didn't take very long) - they agreed before I started it, or I wouldn't have...I have written about this elsewhere.
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