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Default Newbies looking for a triad

Just a little intro and background on us. We are a married m/f couple, been married almost 3 years and together 6. We have two children ages 17 and 13, mine from a previous relationship obviously

We have been swingers since meeting but are now searching out more. We have had many, detailed conversations about wht we both want and having another woman in our relationship, our life and what it all means. We're moving forward with the search even though we have no idea where to start!!! We are educated, live in Central PA, just bought a house and love starting projects and renovating things in the house to make it 'ours'.
We like to go out, dance, have some drinks and just let loose. Road trips are FUN! I, the female am more outgoing, funny and crazy.. lol He is more reserved, quiet and a thinker The best match!

I'm enjoying the boards here and we are learning lots! Thanks for having this here for Newbies to read and learn!

Peace & Love,

Bleu- me
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