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Originally Posted by london View Post
Mm, I dont think that he's pissed about her seeing his OKC, I think he is annoyed about how she went about it. I have a blog, right? When I met my ex I asked him not to read it, yet. He agreed. He didnt have the link. Then I added him to my Fetlife account forgetting that it has my blog link on my profile. Still, we had a separate unrelated conversation before I added him to Fet about me not being ready for him to read it. Despite this, he did, and said if I didn't want him to, I shouldn't have added him to Fet. Pissed me off big time and probably tainted the rest of our fairly miserable relationship.
This really made me pause and think.

If I had been your ex? I would have been ok with not reading your blog if you didn't want me to. But when you linked profiles on fetlife with me, including the link to the blog, I would have assumed that it meant you were now ok with me reading anything on your fetlife account - photos, writings, links to blogs. In other words, I would have thought that it superseded the first conversation, especially if significant time had passed from the first conversation.

But, your explanation, makes me realize that maybe I assume too much. That if I were in such a situation that it would be better to proactively ask if reading the blog was okay now, since it was now accessible via linking the fetlife accounts, before just jumping in and reading it.
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