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I have an afternoon to myself with not much I need to do so I thought I might write a bit here.*

Things in my life are reasonably settled right now. There has been no death or serious illness for several months which is lovely.*

I haven't written about my SO and I for a while. Things there are going very well. We are finding the balance between having time to ourselves, time for sex, joint friends, our own friends, our joint and individual interests and work stuff more easily now.*

We continue to practise monogamy - with a critical eye and an appreciation that neither of us is tied to the relationship we currently have.*

Our lives are gradually becoming more entangled and we are lucky, I think, in what we have.

I am lucky in general. I have so many good people in my life.*

I am having a night out with my SO and some friends tonight. Tomorrow I'm hoping to meet another friend for coffee before spending the night babysitting my 4 little nephews. 2 of my oldest friends are going to come and stay over with their daughter so that we can hang out (my SO is giving the baby sitting a miss).*

On Sun I will visit my SO before going to pick C up from my friends who will hopefully give me coffee and sympathy for the trauma of caring for children.*

In between social time with friends, my SO and family, I do some part time paid work, some voluntary work, I love and appreciate C's presence in my life, I run, write a bit and knit.*

I have a rich, varied and interesting life. Something to be very grateful about.*

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