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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
I have no idea how hormonal changes would impact NRE chemistry, either, but if your NRE is wearing off at different paces, and she's got other hormonal changes going on, that change and difference in body chemistry may be part of the issue.
Thank you. That helps to hear from someone with your perspective. I truly want to believe it when she tells me she still feels as strongly for me as she ever has... and really, I don't have a reason not to. I guess I just like to feel like I'm part of her processing. But she's much more private than I am... Not that she wants to keep things from me; it's just how she deals. Whereas for me, I want to talk to people and share with them when I'm processing. Honestly, last night when she talked with me, on her own terms, about what was going on with her body... I felt so included. It was lovely. I tried to make sure she knew how much I appreciated that. I just have this fear that I'll have that "punched in the gut" kind of feeling creep up on me when I least expect it. I know these things can be a bit of a learning curve anyway... but throw hormones into the mix, and you've really got a cluster fluff.
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