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Originally Posted by polywannacrackeryo View Post
She's not sure. She's getting conflicting results on the home tests. IF she is, then she's probably less than 1-2 weeks along. I appreciate and completely understand that this is consuming her attention for now. And I can understand if hormones are out of whack a bit. I just wish I felt needed. And I don't.
Ah. If the results are conflicting, it sounds like the hormones already are out of whack a bit, pregnant or not.

I understand you want to feel needed, and I'm sorry you don't. From personal experience, my emotions weren't just out of whack. They were completely WONKO. TBH, some things never went back to the way they were before (I'm much more of a "crier" now, after having kids, than I ever was before). My libido went up, then off, then all over the place.

I have no idea how hormonal changes would impact NRE chemistry, either, but if your NRE is wearing off at different paces, and she's got other hormonal changes going on, that change and difference in body chemistry may be part of the issue.

All I can suggest is try to take care of yourself too, during the whole emotional roller coaster. I'm sorry you're going through the crummy feelings right now.
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