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Default moving again...

Driving, driving, and more driving,...sunshine and beautiful landscapes,...then through the rain,...then hailstorms, snow and ice,...and finally through dangerous, very dangerous winds,...We arrive at our destinations, then off again, One sleeping and the other behind the wheel...Smiles and hugs and sandwiches for each other, those brief moments in time, as as we change out drivers, then moving again...

Yesterday, we had some long discussions,...more discussions about getting off the road,... and about loneliness amongst our family. My Wife BB, came up with a good idea I think. She said why wait another year,...Why continue to suffer?,...She then went on to explain that her son is by himself,...all the time now, a driver as well. Why not let her (BB), and her son drive together in our truck for a year, and I go home and spend some serious time off toward getting our house repaired from all the years of neglect from us being gone. I am the only one in our family with all the skill-set to restore our lovely home that is now in need of roofing and minor repairs, so this makes sense,...As well now, no one in our family will be by themselves any more. Its time off that can be shared one on one with ZF, so that she is not lonely, and time that her and I can spend bonding like we once were, when I was home more. Five plus years where BB and I are together almost exclusively, can now lend itself to some exclusiveness with ZF. Emotionally, it makes me happy, and sad, and feel guilty, all at the same time. I feel guilty because I have always been the primary 'Bread Winner' in my life. I have never had time to just be still, or enjoy being at home. I have never experienced that before. I am happy that I can be with ZF,...I love her so, so much,...but very, very sad that I will not be with BB everyday. GOD, I Miss Her Already!,...and she is sitting right next to me....I guess I am a hopeless romantic, my heart is aching already for her...Its like knowing she is going on a long journey, where I will not be with her. She will be coming home regularly, every 6 or 7 weeks, but it will, I am sure,...seem like an eternity for me. I see it lending itself to her and I going crazy on each other and spending lots of cuddle and romantic time together when she does come home. Wow, what a reversal of strong emotions,...Sadness and Happiness alike.

Only time and God knows what is to become of this for sure, but I think its, overall a good thing for all of us... Who knows,...Dstone
Dstone (me) - 45 Tecnical professional turned professional driver
BB - 47, Loving Wife and best friend / co-driver
ZF - 24, Also the love of my lfe. BB'd daughter.
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