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Default Greetings from Canada!

Hi there! I am 43 and I have been in a common law relationship with my poly partner for 9 1/2 years. We have 4 kids - my daughter is the youngest, and she has 3 sons, all older (they've graduated HS, my daughter is in gr. 12).

I am the monogamous half of our relationship; we have an inside joke that I am poly-flexible - meaning that while I have all the usual angst about her seeing other people, I 'get' poly in the sense that I understand that it's an orientation, and it's not about any inadequacy in me.

I am here to learn more, and tap this community for advice and support. I haven't had a chance yet to explore all the forums, but I am hoping to find others with experience in my situation - from both sides of the equation.
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