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It is important to know you own motivations. A tight family unit. Yeah, I get that. That is my preference too. But if you want to be the lone male due to jealousy, can't cope with you lovers having other lovers, you might want to explore the basis for this.

As mentioned in my previous comment, the last MFF relationship I joined ended badly. I joined a couple. They had issues that both had ignored and seemed happy. Bringing me in, rocked the boat and their issues could no longer be ignored. I was gone from their home for a year, when they separated. The male (E) and I are slowly rebuilding.

The reason for my backstory is this: E never had the chance to experience compersion. He very much wanted to test the limits of his jealousy and move past it to compersion. He had watched me do during our time as three. So the other night when out of the blue a young colleague of mine invited me over to watch a movie, E encouraged me to go. I was nervous because I didn't know what my young colleague had in mind. Just a movie or was he aiming for more? I said as much to E. His reply, was that if that turned out to be the case that the young man was after sex and I wanted to indulge , I absolutely should. This was E's test.

Long story short, it was just a movie and drinks, but E didn't know that would be the case. When I spoke to him afterward, he was just giddy that he had been not only okay, but happy.

So remember, motivations. In your MFF, you will be expecting the girls to be able to cope with their jealousy and move into the realm of compersion. Yet, you have not asked this challenge of yourself. And you might, just might, be selling yourself short.

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