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Default When you are involved with people who love responsibly

which is not to say they don't love wildly, nor does it automatically mean they don't love with reckless abandon, yet you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would ask their love to not do something they desire

In fact, I guarantee you, should you ever become involved with and end up loving a partner who understands that loving people responsibly can and does include wild, with reckless abandon loving, you will never ask that lover does or doesn't do anything other than what they desire, when they desire it

understanding how to love others responsibly -- in a very irresponsible way -- is one of the most freeing acts you can engage in, it's like exchanging your physical heart with somebody, but now the heart that pumps your blood in your body is immortal.

Once that happens you cannot keep the rest of your body and soul from taking it upon themselves -- and without yourself even realizing it -- things become fully exchanged. And it is the most peculiar occurrence that could ever happen. You are still you and she is still she (or he) but there is nothing not understood between the two, three, four or five of YOU.

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