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Re: issues on graphic display ... I was thinking more along the lines of, "I have anger issues, here let me show you," and you punch the other person out. "Inappropriate display." It's better if you just explain it to them, describe it to them, or whatever.

If clothing-training-by-shame was not the approach used when you were growing up, are there people you know who did get that kind of warped training? I got the impression you felt this was a widespread problem that was happening in a lot of homes, am I reading that wrong?

Your parents sound cool and open-minded from your description; I'm envious.

"You didn't answer my question if you would 'not-physically internet hug me.'"
Do I have permission? Kidding. Sure, I'll go for your internet hug. May it stick for many years to come.

Re: Halloween ... sooo depressing. No kids come to our door. Well, maybe when we move to Seattle-ish that'll change.


@ london ... thanks for your compilation of internet no-no's (of the ... "over-emphasis" kind). From what I've seen in my forum experiences, it's a pet peeve of quite a few regular users out there.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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