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When I see a bunch of ALL-CAPS TEXT (commonly understood on the web as being shouting), as well as other "fortified text" (such as bold lettering, underlining, italicizing, and combinations of those), I immediately recognize that, "Uh oh, I have pissed this guy off, he is no longer talking to me, he is now shouting at me and lecturing me in strident notes." That can't be helping either of us.
But that's a little different from taking a strident tone with your audience just because you suppose they aren't listening (or that they deserve to get hit really hard with the powerful words you're going to say)
If I taught a course in a university setting, and a student tried to answer a question of mine, but obviously misinterpreted my intent, finding blame isn't the answer. Telling the student to listen more/harder isn't the answer. Pointing furiously at the book and saying it's all in there, read it again isn't the answer. Getting angry and talking sternly (or even yelling) at the student isn't the answer (and that really Is what ALL CAPS is about - emphasis). You don't succeed in communicating knowledge and fostering discussion by telling the listener that they didn't do it correctly and you'll wait while they try it again.
Anyway, yes, to anyone listening: *please* try to keep your "tools of emphasis" down to a dull roar. If you find a
really cool way to put someone else's ideas down, you shouldn't have to shout it out to makeiteffective.
Just because I agree with these things so much, they need to be on one post. I've mentioned how much I hate this way of communicating before. So overbearing.
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