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Originally Posted by MichiganMusic View Post

Do you consider it misogynistic to ask a partner to not look elsewhere for long-term companionship but not do the same?
Only if you are a guy who asking a woman to do this and doing so because you think they owe you monogamy or don't deserve the same joy and freedom you do. I agree with what LovingRadiance said - and your response about how one party wants to stay home and raise kids while the other works is not really the same as asking a partner to not date while you do. If the other person wants to be at home with the kids, great! If the other partner wants to be monogamous while you date, great! If they want to NOT do what you'd like, but do the same as you, be it work outside the home or date, that can be misogynistic or hypocritical, or sexist or none or all of the above, depending on your reasoning for asking.
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