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Originally Posted by Hathor View Post
We talked about it for a while but I'll highlight his objections: 1) "Open relationships don't work" 2) "What is the end goal for us? We wouldn't be able to get married/have kids." 3) "I would get jealous"
I don't really like the idea of pushing the issue and trying to convince him because ultimately that would create insecurity for me that he had to be persuaded.

Has anybody dealt with this type of situation before where you have had success overcoming a potential lovers objections to being part of an open relationship?
How about respecting his wishes? Respecting his thoughts on the matter?

This open relationship may work very well for you and your husband. But what is your answer for how well it's going to work out for the person who goes home to his own home and bed every night?

He's right. You won't be able to get married. Most people feel that's a pretty big reason for having a relationship in the first place, and apparently he's one of them.

Are you planning on having children with him?

Do you plan on this being just an interim thing until he finds a real girlfriend who can offer him marriage and family? How do you see this ending?

Have you considered that the more energy he devotes to you, the less energy he has to devote to those who might actually be able and willing to offer him what he really wants?

What's up seems fairly obvious to me. He's tempted. You're offering him something he wants, and it's hard to say no, even though he knows you're really only offering him part of what he wants.

Honestly, your question about overcoming someone's objections sounds to me like, "How do I keep pushing and pushing like a salesman who won't take no for an answer until I get my way?"
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