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Originally Posted by BigGuy View Post
It is a valid relationship structure for one polyamorous person to seek a closed relationship with two monogamous people. Whether they be men or women.

Is it inherently misogynistic? No. I dont think so. Theoretically. As long as everyone consents to the agreement freely. In practice, I think misogyny or it's anti-male counterpart is more likely to be prevalent. This has historically been true when societal pressures subtlety (or not so subtlety) coerce the monogamous partner to remain monogamous.

Sucessful polyamory requires great introspection.

The question you should ask is, if your needs are being met, why would you need to control the actions of another?
Thank you for the thoughtful response.

I agree with you - successful polyamory does require great introspection, something I am in the midst of.

You pose a good question and I think it's something I would need to think about.

My initial line of thought, and perhaps you could shed some light that would alter my perspective, is that it is simply not practical to have too many long term relationships intertwined. How would a family or household be established?

Aside from that, other elements of an open relationship, in terms of non-monogamy, are not an issue.
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