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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
From your writing I'm going to guess that starting you on meds played a big factor in contributing to your physical and emotional slide and it's only been made worse by feeding you a variety of toxic concoctions. But now that you are there, it's going to be a bit of a project to get OFF meds and get to a state of natural health. Can't be done overnight. Dangerous at this point.
This is a huge concern worldwide right now - especially in the psychological field. Over prescribing of meds without sufficient long term effects testing. Long story that doesn't belong here.
There are only a few of the meds I take that will eventually be removed, but a few will be lifelong companions by necessity, like for minimizing the blod clotting and Lupus flares.

As for psychiatric medications, I know they do help me - we're just trying to find the right balance. I've got a good psychiatrist who's very precise. The real challenge for her is to find something weight-neutral that doesn't interact with the meds that are important for me to take for, well, life to continue. It just takes time, and when you're feeling either flatlined or in agony, it's really hard to be patient.

It's a debate as to whether medications get over-prescribed, or whether we're just begining to understand a lot of psychiatric conditions, and that knowledge takes time to be spread to every practitioner. We can say there has been a remarkable increase in Autism, or we can realize that our methods of recognizing and diagnosing those patients has gotten better over the past couple decades. It's a science, not a static thing, but a developing and constantly learning one.

Just over the past couple years, a calcium brain scan has been developed that can actually show the existence of disorders on the Autism to Schizophrenic spectrum (Asperger's, ADD, Bipolar..). It can actually show the damage done by a bipolar manic episode. It's the first really conclusion test that proves these are real, physical conditions requiring medical attention (which means we can take those to insurance companies as say, "See? So pay up, motherfuckers!") But it is a very new scan, so it will take years before it's available for mainstream doctors to use.

I'm very into Neurology and Neuropsychiastry. Which proves that even with exact knowledge of why you feel fucked up on a scientific basis doesn't make you feel less fucked up.
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