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Kevin, "What else have I to say? I'll tell you. Clothing for some people is a way of hiding and covering up stuff that they're ashamed of about themselves. But what about the other kinds of covering up that we do? What about our pasts that we're afraid to talk about? What about the particularly dark shadows in our personalities that we'd like to keep hidden from the world? Isn't all that a kind of "virtual clothing?" and doesn't the shame/modesty/dignity trinity play a role in convincing us to wear "attire" over our behavioral faults? Like Satan in the Garden of Eden: "See, you are naked. Run and cover yourselves! Father will see your nakedness." So when we talk about physical nudity, do we also have the guts to psychologically unclothe ourselves for all the world to see? Polyamory, after all, has so much to do with communication, honesty, and all that."

That's an interesting point and one I choose to practice as I see it this way: physically not wearing clothing when practical is simply a side-effect of not "clothing one's self in non-physical ways" as this ties in with "shame" as "shame" is definitely a psychological issue and can be brought about from any source

including past childhood trauma, some would say that telling their children "they are disgusting filthy creatures and they should feel bad for even existing" as a reason to "encourage them to "cover themselves"" is in fact inflicting "childhood trauma" upon them in and of itself.~

Kevin, "Yes and I'll try once again to draw everyone's attention to the "Mother & Baby" quote I ran across well over a week ago. I beg you guys, can't I get a little puff of indignation out of that? My lady commented that it was a particularly crazy quote coming from a parenting magazine."

It's not that that article you brought up isn't interesting, it's just pointless to get upset over.~

People will always have their own opinions and perspectives, but 1 person's repressive and oppressive way of thinking is not going to affect me.~

Now if it becomes a majority agreed upon view point, then it's more likely going to affect every one who disagress with it and who lives their lives regardless of the respressive and oppressive opinions of others.~

Your other point is right about this: instead of becoming upset and shouting and raging, that energy would be better used in a way to bring about change.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

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Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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