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Hello everyone,

I am considering being open to a polyamorous lifestyle and was hoping to possibly find insight from those who currently live it. I am presently seeing someone, though we have never placed a term of exclusivity on the relationship. I do plan on opening dialogue with her after enough reflection on the matter of polyamory. I should note that I'm a male and would be considered straight on the spectrum.

I am beginning to think that I would be most fulfilled with two life-partners without expanding beyond that (as in them or me finding other life-partners).

Do you consider it misogynistic to ask a partner to not look elsewhere for long-term companionship but not do the same?

The argument I make to myself is that everyone is looking for something, and for some the inverse could be the right thing (one female, two men, as one example).

The counter argument is that it is not an equitable dynamic for 2/3 (in this potential instance) of those involved.

Thank you for your time and Happy Halloween! (-:
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