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Originally Posted by Vicarious View Post
I think she IS doing the work to try and make her marriage work. So what if she has tried to explore ideas around bi-sexuality. Is that a reason to 'be hard' on Uhers?

Because they are bringing other people into their unhealthy dynamic that is why. I couldn't care less what a couple do between themselves but she is advertising for an equal third partner after finding a V doesn't work for them, why didn't the V work I asked myself? So I read this thread, because she was jealous and felt left out.....their response? Find a flaming Unicorn. Yes that is a jolly good reason to be hard.

If it was stated in the advert that this might be entirely experimental on her part, I would not mind so much but it doesn't and what happens to the sparkly Golden Unicorn if she finds out that a) She can't love another person and B) That she is not Poly?

I think that is a very valid question to ask.
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