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Covering a mishmash of miscellaneous items ...

My lady (hinge) had a look at this thread yesterday, and we chatted about many topics (since this thread has many topics). She has been to Europe, and can testify that things are pretty "easy-going" on TV with respect to both sex and nudity. A lot of Americans might be shocked at what they saw on European TV. But, said my lady, on the streets of Europe, as you're just walking along, you see the same amount of clothing that you'd see on any old American street.

Conclusion: they do have their "limits" in Europe, even if not in all the same areas. Seems perhaps there's a bit of that self-hateful shame/modesty/dignity trinity at work in Europe as well as in the States. Basically, they have the same rules as the United States. Nudity is confined to certain clubs and beaches. But hey, they did (somewhere along the way) loosen up in the TV areas, so maybe public nudity will follow sometime.

Another point she made: the United States is an awfully big country. What's that got to do with anything? Well, you have your "red states," your "blue states," and all kinds of variety with respect to opinions and life choices. The point is, be cautious about painting all Americans with the same brush. We're not all willing parts of the nasty evil empire-building bully/policeman of the world. In fact lo and behold, some of the most zealous anti-American people in the world live in America. So we may be the "bad guy country," but that doesn't necessarily mean we're chock full of bad guys.

Yes, she had her questions for ColorsWolf as well. She's toured battleships and aircraft carriers, and observed that space is awfully conservatively divvied out. How do you live with a bunkmate where there's barely enough room to maneuver if unpermitted touch makes your hackles stand on end? Sucks for your bunkmate. Also, if you have "triggers of frustration" that are set on a hairpin, how do you get along with your superior officers? Must be an interesting challenge, at the least.

What else have I to say? I'll tell you. Clothing for some people is a way of hiding and covering up stuff that they're ashamed of about themselves. But what about the other kinds of covering up that we do? What about our pasts that we're afraid to talk about? What about the particularly dark shadows in our personalities that we'd like to keep hidden from the world? Isn't all that a kind of "virtual clothing?" and doesn't the shame/modesty/dignity trinity play a role in convincing us to wear "attire" over our behavioral faults? Like Satan in the Garden of Eden: "See, you are naked. Run and cover yourselves! Father will see your nakedness." So when we talk about physical nudity, do we also have the guts to psychologically unclothe ourselves for all the world to see? Polyamory, after all, has so much to do with communication, honesty, and all that.

Re: the Middle East ... my lady speculated that breastfeeding is perhaps just done really really discreetly over there. I told her that the links Magdlyn provided really said to me that Middle-Easterners themselves seem to be uncertain about what the proper laws/customs/protocols are in their lands with respect to breastfeeding. Some locals seem to say, "The women in my village do it freely and open all the time!" Yet other Middle Eastern women seem to be afraid of what might happen to them if they get caught being "public breastfeeders."

Yes and I'll try once again to draw everyone's attention to the "Mother & Baby" quote I ran across well over a week ago. I beg you guys, can't I get a little puff of indignation out of that? My lady commented that it was a particularly crazy quote coming from a parenting magazine.

She was pretty skeptical about the idea that women can orgasm from breastfeeding, but admittedly, she's never had kids of her own, so, no personal experience there.

Oh God, what else is there. I have a persistent feeling that I'm forgetting something, but then that's rather a normal state of mind for me. So, some other post, some other time.

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