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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Oh wow, sorry for resurrecting this thread but I have not read it before and only found it because the OP was online and had a suspiciously high post count for a Unicorn Hunter and wow...just wow...especially this part:

Anyone who wonders why I am SO hard on UHers, it is reading threads like this...smh.
I still don't understand why people in the poly community have such an afflictation to almost 'shame' a person that questions their emotions around whether they can embrace polyamory. The OP'r has challenges with how her relationship with her husband is going. She has challenges with how hard it is for some people to embrace the lifestyle easier than others, and is wanting dialogue. I think she IS doing the work to try and make her marriage work. So what if she has tried to explore ideas around bi-sexuality. Is that a reason to 'be hard' on Uhers?

I enjoy reading thought provoking responses from people that can come from a place of curiousity and asking questions, versus ones from people that judge a person and what they are going through.
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