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Default 2 boyfriends, no sex?

Ok that is my situation, I am a 28 year old girl,
first time I wrote here was a year ago when I started seeing my now second partner.
It's pretty official I have two boyfriends now,
which each have sporadic sexual relations with other people. But not very often right now.

My first BF i-ve been with him for 5 years, and I-ve always understood his not so high libido and sexual urge compared to me, eventhough before I've started dating with my second BF I was a bit demanding on my first BF, but then I became not demanding with him.

Problem is, now my second boyfriend has a moment in which he doesnt feel he wants to have sex with me like before.
I have to say we did have sex very often and with a lot of intensity during that year been together. Less in the last months I guess, but in the beggining it was quite crazy.

Our relation had a lot of sexual, because in the beggining the idea was we were just lovers for sex but in the end we felt in love and ended up caring and loving each other deeply.
Now I can't imagine having two relationships in which I don't get as much sex at all and having to look somewhere else for it... I'll end up with no time for myself, maybe stressed up about having two boyfriends that bored sex with me...

I am pretty accepting of some biology facts, but I also believe all this has to do with me being for them this person that is embed in their routines.

The three of us are super busy...
With my first boyfriend we have this relationship in which we help each other out a lot in our lives, is more me helping him sort out stuff, but anyway, we see each other a lot for lot for mundande quotidian stuff...3/4 times a week stimes more.

with my second boyfriend, we nearly allways see each other between the small time he has from studying or working to sleeping. like 2 times a week lately, stimes 3
Allways in each others houses, he says he will not be able to help the fact he has no more time than that.
He says he reaally likes our relationship, he somehow likes me embed in his routine, to see me often and tell each others our life, problems, etc.... he says is like im a part of him...
which is nice but to me it also means I've become so familiar to him that im not very stimulating anymore I'd say...

When I recently questioned him, after having this feeling is mostly me starting the action during the last times, and having finally a nice trip out from the city and nothing sexual happening;
he said he hates the situation but he doesnt feel like having sex with me like before... that he can't help it or doesnt know why or what to do... he'd love it to be different, that he wants to do sth about it but doesnt know what.
At the same time he tells me he would still like to be with me without the sex, but Im not sure then how I would feel.

that he understands this is so crap for me then, but he really doesnt want what we have to end....
But we concluded that we will try to find a way....

to me this is all really hard. Coz i see it as a change that is not positive, it makes me realise aswell I conformed myself with my first boyfriend to dont have much sex already...
but because i justified he always had a low sex drive.
But with my second boyfriend... well I really dont know how It can be to see him and not have sex and not feel strange in a long term... I dont know what to do either.

He doesnt know either if that is a permanent thing or if its just now, if it is just about his libido or it is a me and him sexual thing, the usual so familiar that it gets boring...

I mean, is there anything I can do?
Or should I just accept this situation?

He talks about unknowing each other and knowing each other again as an idea, but he doesnt have a clue how that works, he knows he wants us to be together, I know that too,
maybe this thing requires to be apart from each other for a while,
we did talk about trios some times, but we havent known anyone interested yet or looked extensively.

Ok, well can't wait to hear what you think...

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