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I don't understand why you want to "date" (fuck?) both of them if you're only attracted to one of them sexually. Dating a couple is loaded with landmines.
I'm not out to "fuck" anybody. I want to get to know them in a romantic/sexual way and see what happens. Isn't that what "dating" is? I've been with couples before (always as the "unicorn") and understand how difficult it can be. I do not think these women would accept me dating just one, I think it would have to be both of them, and together, at least at first, which is fine with me, as long as they don't make me feel like I'm just a sextoy to liven up their relationship. The woman I'm not as sexually attracted to is the one I feel the most emotional connection with. I like her, and if we were both single and she asked me out I'd totally say yes. Just because she's not the type I'm automatically hot for (and her gf is) doesn't mean the attraction can't grow. I would never consider sleeping with someone just to get to their significant other. If I didn't like them both, I would toss this whole idea out of my mind.

I'm intrigued by them as a couple and would love to join them sometimes in the world, and in the bedroom. I have a husband, so I'm not looking for a three-way partnership with them. I would do my best to treat them both equally, and if down the road an imbalance of attraction caused issues, we'd have to revisit. But right now I just want to go out on a date with them!! I don't want to sit here thinking of every possible permutation or thing that can go wrong, because lord knows a lot can go wrong. But that's true in any relationship, isn't it?
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