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Thanks again everyone for giving your 2 cents and opinions. It is greatly appreciated. The thing that is really stopping me from asking these questions to both of them (especially my hubby) is that I think it may be too early for it. Like I said, we have only had him overnight 3 times (with a 4th time coming up in a couple of weeks). Maybe after that it'd be something to consider. I also feel that I'd be convincing my hubby to give this a try, when I know that it isn't what he wants. Obviously, there's an issue there. The things I DO know however, are that he IS attracted to this guy and he def DOES like hanging and spending time with him. He does feel affection towards him when we have sex too. My hubby and I have always kinda differed on our views of monogamy. I personally think it is unnatural. He agrees to a point, but is much more close minded when it comes to thinking "outside the box". My best bet at the point is to prob just see how it goes from here on out, naturally and organically. Thoughts?
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