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Ok, let me clarify a bit. The "bf" truly likes both of us equally. There is no favoritism at all. I think he LIKES the fact that we're a committed married couple. He met us because he was attracted to both. He keeps in touch with us regularly by text. Nothing deep or personal, just "shooting the shit" and what not. I don't know what his expectations are in this, but I DO know he loves being with us. As for my hubby, he is def not having him over against his will. He enjoys spending time with this guy - he's said so. I just don't think that he wants an emotional relationship. He said (at one point) "He's a friend with benefits" that we have over and hang out with. So maybe I should be cool with this? This guy wants to go skiing with us in Jan and wants to take us up to a lodge in NH for a weekend. I would love this, and I think my hubby wants to as well, but will prob say "I think he's getting too attached to us" - which I like, but he is afraid of.
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