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You want to know. Call or text...
"Hey. I think you are awesome. I enjoyed it the other day... could you be interested in dating more seriously? If the answer is no, please tell me gently like 'Thanks! But no thanks! Not at this time' because it was scary to even call. So go easy on me. If you need time to think it over could you tell me by ___? Thanks."
Could stop overthinking this and working yourself up.

Hopefully they answer is yes, so yay! Cupcakes for you.

If the answer is no, hopefully the response is in the way you asked for so you can digest it easily.

This is opportunity for you to learn to handle disappointment in better ways -- that you can help shape how it is served.

If you never risk it, you never experience it, so you never get good at shrugging it off.

You could risk asking and getting cupcakes and more than friendship here.

You could risk asking and getting a "good" disappointing experience and continuing friendship with these people.

Either way -- win for you.


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