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Are you not comfortable processing disappointed feelings?
I'm oversensitive to rejection. Overall my self-esteem is healthy, but I do have moments of feeling invisible, and I don't easily shrug off rejection. I sort of think these girls are "out of my league," but then again, I often attract people "out of my league," so I've learned to ignore that idea.

Lay out your hand.. .. and enjoy the rush
Love that. But how? Shall I wait until I see them again and see if the flirty energy is still there and then bring up the idea? I have one of their phone numbers, I've never called her before, though I have texted. I know they are busy people, they have their own business and two kids. Facebook them both? Seems too impersonal. I kind of want to ask our mutual friends if the women have said anything about me, but that feels so high school. Plus I'd be disappointed if the answer was no. I feel like they get hit on all the time, I don't want them to think of me as just another "straight" chick who hit them up. What's the etiquette here, if there is any?
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