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Well, M and I played trivia last night with C2 and his friend, plus the new girl I really liked talking to the other day. We did great but lost in the final round and ended up third. M didn't like the two guys at all and felt as if all of his answers were being discounted, even though they ended up being correct. He also thought that the girl was really nice, but that the guys shut her down as well. I can't say that isn't the case.

C2 was really quiet and didn't say much, and neither did his friend. It was odd. M said it was as if neither had any personalities. I figure maybe they just don't do well meeting new people.

However, I think I dodged a major douchebag tonight. When the girl arrived - let's call her A - she was really friendly and talkative. I asked her if she had ever dated C2, and she told me no, after pausing for a second. After the game was over though, and the guys had gotten up to leave, she leaned over and told me that he was a FWB, or had been. She started to dish out some more, but then the other guy came back, so M immediately suggested we go to the bathroom, which we did.

A told me that she had asked C2 out back in May/June, they had gone out on a couple dates, slept together a couple of times, and then he messaged her online and said he didn't think they would work out long term. That they had fallen into bed too fast and that he wanted to protect her reputation. So, they shouldn't date in public anymore. And he didn't want their teammate to know. She said she thought this was very hurtful, but agreed, because what else could she do?

She said he continued to message her whenever he wanted a hookup, but would never acknowledge their relationship anyplace else. She said she eventually stopped sleeping with him a month or so ago.


I told her everything that was said on IM between us, and how he had told me he had been single for a year. She teared up at that. Ugh. I told her she deserved WAY better than someone who would treat her so dismissively.

So, yeah. No jerkasaurus for me.

A messaged me tonight to say she told C2 that I now knew about them, so he wouldn't put his foot in his mouth. I just responded that she deserved someone that didn't think she was disposable, and that she wasn't disposable. I don't care, really, to get involved in their drama, so no more trivia time with them. There are others in the book club I joined, so ?I will probably stay involved with that, but yikes!

Talked with M last night and had discussion about scheduling. I don't know what is going to happen with us. Neither of us want to break up, but things are just looking impossible time-wise. I have plenty of spaces in my schedule, but they don't gel with his. He is going to talk to his wife and we are going to try and work it out. He does have plans to come see me next week while my husband is gone, but nothing definitive. He doesn't think he can stay over except for our regular Wednesday night, and that has me really down. I understand why, but next week is going to be awful for me. I really don't want to sleep alone.
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