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Originally Posted by Hathor View Post
My best friend summed it up best: "He is more honest with his actions than with his words".
I have been on the other side of someone thinking this of me and in my case it wasn't true. I acted a certain way because I really liked the person, but I still said I didn't want a relationship with him, because I really didn't. The thing is, you can like or even love a person but still realise you wouldn't work as a couple. Trust his words. I know it might be confusing if he's acting affectionate towards you, but believe what he says. He hasn't said that he has no feelings for you. He might have them. That doesn't mean he should start a relationship if he feels that wouldn't be the right choice for him. If you feel uncomfortable with him being affectionate without wanting to be in a relationship, you can tell him that. "Please don't touch me that way if all you really want is friendship." But if you enjoy the increased closeness, just let that happen and let him come to you if he ever chances his mind.
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