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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
I help pay the mortgage in my home, and I wish my husband would move anybody in without talking to me first. Hell would rise and be on earth.
I don't help pay the mortgage on my house-and this wouldn't fly.

I see two HUGE problems.

1) lack of communication and agreement before a third party moves into the house. That screams of bad communication skills, manipulation, lack of respect and dysfunction.

2) pressure to fall in love. I can't even follow this thread of thought coherently enough to make the point. Except that this is emotional blackmail and bordering on emotional abuse in the realm of sex.
Pressuring someone to have sex with you is rape. Pressuring someone to want to have sex.. is akin to attempted rape.. I think somewhere this all boils down to the same shit and I would blow my lid if any of my partners treated me thus.
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